Cinemino Kraków - Expats and Locals Cinema Meeting: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

Expats and Locals Cinema Meeting
Thursday, November 16th, 6.15 PM
Kino Pod Baranami

Cinemino Kraków invites all movie enthusiasts to the next movie screening. It will be the sensual Estonian document Smoke Sauna Sisterhood on Thursday, November 16th, at 6.15 PM.

The French sociologist Emile Durkheim wrote that Once the individuals are gathered together, a sort of electricity is generated from their closeness, and that quickly launches them to an extraordinary height of exaltation. The unforgettable opportunity to witness such phenomena taking place during rituals is possible in a cinema hall in the coming weeks by watching the Smoke Sauna Sisterhood documentary.

This film focuses on the women community who tell their stories, share secrets and expose their fears or shames in a wooden cabin somewhere in south-east Estonia. Groups of women have been practicing it since the 13th century, two times a week. By simply observing the naked bodies and faces during heat baths and rituals of purifying souls, the director of the movie tried to capture the universal experience of women and the sense of community in facing everyday problems among mothers, daughters and sisters.

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood director Anna Hints was awarded at the 2023 Sundance Festival with the Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary. It is the Estonian candidate for an Academy Award for the Best International Movie. Moreover, the mesmerizing atmosphere of the sauna tradition was achieved thanks to Icelandic sound designer Huldar Freyr Arnarson (nominated in the Cannes Film Festival for Hvalfjordur) and music composed by Eðvarð Egilsson and folk band Eeter.

Cinemino Kraków – Expats and Locals Cinema Meetings is an event open to every movie enthusiast who wants to discuss movies in a friendly and open-minded community. This meeting follows the principle that cinema is about different perspectives, and every person can contribute with his/her/them view on the movie.

Once every three weeks, we will meet in the Kino Pod Baranami for a movie with English subtitles (or an English-speaking movie) and a follow-up get-together in the Aries Bar to share impressions and create a community of movie enthusiasts.

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