Ida - with English subtitles!

Ida, the winner of the 38th Gdynia Film Festival and the 57th BFI London Film Festival - on our screens with English subtitles!

dir. Paweł Pawlikowski, Poland/Denmark 2013, 80’ -  premiere: October 25th

38th Gdynia Film Festival: Golden Lions' Award for Best Film; Best Photography; Award for Best Actress (Agata Kulesza); Best Production Design
57th BFI London Film Festival: Best Film 
38th Toronto International Film Festival: FIPRESCI Award

29th Warsaw Film Festival: Warsaw Grand Prix, the main prize of the International Competition

Shooting in black and white, and using the 1.37:1 Academy frame - the almost-square frame of classic cinema - Pawlikowski sets his film in sixties Poland. Anna is a novice, an orphan brought up in a convent. Before taking her vows, she is determined to meet Wanda, her only living relative. Wanda tells the girl that she is Jewish. They both set off on a journey to discover the tragic history of their family, as well as to understand who they really are.

This film is impeccably executed and judged, achingly written, finely structured and eloquently shot. Scene after scene is a masterly evocation of a time, a dilemma, and a defining historical moment; yet Ida is also personal, intimate, and human. The weight of history is everywhere, but the scale falls within the scope of a young woman learning about the secrets of her own past. This intersection of the personal with momentous historic events is gauged to perfection in a film that will have everyone reaching for superlatives.
(Piers Handling, Toronto International Film Festival)

We were deeply moved by a courageous film that handles, with subtlety and insight, a painfully controversial historical situation – the German occupation and the Holocaust – which continues to resonate. Special praise went to his use of immersive visual language to create a lasting emotional impact. (Philip French, President of the Official Competition jury, London Film Festival)

Pawel Pawlikowski was born in Warsaw, Poland. He has directed several acclaimed documentaries for the BBC, including Dostoevsky's Travels (1992) and Tripping with Zhirinovsky (1995). He wrote and directed the features Last Resort (2000), My Summer of Love (2004), and The Woman in the Fifth (2011). Ida (2013) is his latest film.

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